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IPA is...
an independent association where members, police officers, military police, border services officers and special constables, active or retired, recognized by the general regulations (Constitution) of the Canadian section, are admitted without distinction of rank, race, sex, color or religion. Many benefits are available to members. Their parents, children and grandchildren can also benefit from many services: participate in extraordinary activities, such as the International Youth Rally for the children and grandchildren of members. Our members, who travel abroad or at home, also benefit from many advantages because an IPA member can accommodate them, or even guide them on site.

The International Police Association was founded in England in 1950 by a policeman named Arthur Troop. His dream was to bring the police together under the banner of friendship and camaraderie. Its motto, Servo per Amikeco, in the Esperanto language, means To serve by friendship.


The Canadian section of IPA was established in 1960 in London, Ontario, by Charles Wright, and includes 15 active regions. In Quebec, there are 3 regions: IPA Montreal (7), IPA Quebec (8) and IPA Montérégie (15).

Region 15, IPA Montérégie was founded in May 2001 at the general assembly of IPA Canada in Hamilton Ontario by Mr. Gérald "Gerry" Desève, then an officer in the Longueuil Police, and a group of police officers wishing to implement the largest police officer in the world on its territory. Members meet at regular intervals for informal social gatherings, training and information sessions, and group or family outings. IPA Canada region 15 counts among its ranks, members who come from different police forces such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Sureté du Québec, border services, PeaceKeepers, National Defense and several municipal police forces of our region.

Located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, between Montreal and the American border, the 15 Montérégie region is bordered to the east by Highway 55. The territory includes a large part of the regions of the Eastern Townships, Center-du-Québec and the Montérégie region.

Our Founders

Arthur Troop


International Police Association

Charles Wright


IPA section Canada

Gérald Desève


IPA - region Montérégie