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Presentation of donations to "Sea to Sea for PTSD"

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

IPA Montérégie region 15 supports "Sea to Sea for PTSD" and on August 30, 2022 President Guy Babin presented a donation check on behalf of our members to this organization when Chad Kennedy walked to branch 94 from the Royal Canadian Legion of Greenfield Park, Qc. The RCMP Veterans Association and Paul Easton also made a donation. He had already traveled a great distance since leaving Cranbrook, B.C. on April 4, 2022 which ended here. His walk will continue on June 2023. Pictured, left to right, are Guy Babin, Chad Kennedy, Rick Chorney, Lisa Brentnall Ellsworth and Paul Easton, an IPA member from our region who worked extensively with Wayne Lord to organize this meeting which was a great success.

Entry into Quebec

At the sign announcing welcome to Québec

It was Thursday, August 25, 2022 that Chad Kennedy entered Quebec around 11:00 a.m. at the junction of Highways 417 (Ontario) - 40 (Quebec) near Rigaud. Guy Babin, Paul Easton IPA members from region 15 and Normand Tremblay from region 7 were present at this gathering. The other participants were representatives of the SQ, the RCMP and the CBSA. An SQ agent provided security at the departure of the walkers.

Parade at Greenfield Park

.7 km walk in the streets

A .7 km march was organized from Restaurant Dunn's Famous on Taschereau Boulevard to Branch 94 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Greenfield Park with the participation of several people from the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Department, veterans and staff from the city of Greenfield Park including councilor Sylvain Joly of the City of Longueuil, district.Greenfield Park.

Welcome to the Legion # 94

Delivery of donations and taking photos

Officials, spectators and onlookers welcomed Chad Kennedy to The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 94 in Greenfield Park taking photos, videos and exchanging PTSD topics with colleagues and people affected by PTSD. The opportunity was favorable to find out how to make donations to this organization or others such as, for example, the therapy house La Vigile helps interveners in situations of psychological distress, the house of veterans of Canada Inc. and the La Fondation Québécoise des Veterans.

Fund Raiser style BBQ

Power Point on PTSD

Affine LWALALIKA, Councilor for the City of Longueuil, district of Saint-Hubert was present at this BBQ organized by the staff of Branch 94 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Greendfield Park and the room was full of people interested in this subject and received a Power Point presentation on how to understand this phenomenon and how to help or find help today.

Presentation of a donation to

"Mission Nouvelle Génération"

Wednesday, August 3,2022sous-titre

IPA Montérégie region 15 supports "Mission Nouvelle Génération", invited its members to a visit of their facilities on Wednesday June 29, 2022 and four members participated in order to better know this organization and also make them aware of supporting it. During a meeting of the executive, the council proposed and voted that a donation be given to "Mission Nouvelle Génération". It was then that Wayne Lord representing IPA Montérégie made a donation by presenting a check to Stephane Plante, General Manager and Randy Johnson, Camp Action Biblical Director on Wednesday August 3, 2022 on behalf of the region.

Presentation of a donation to the Châteauguay Valley Regional Hight School

Thursday, December 3, 2020 sous-titre

IPA Montérégie region 15 made a donation to the Châteaugay Valley Regional High School for an Anti-bullying project. Here is our V.P. Christian Parent and Wayne Lord at the time of the handover of the money accompanied by the representative of the S.Q. from Ormstown, Agent Anja Busboom, a future candidate for our region surely. Mrs Brigitte Barrette, school principal and Mr. Randy Johnson are also present.


Anti-bullying and anti-violence committee

At the beginning of each school year, the administration of CVR will ensure that an anti-bullying and anti-violence committee is formed. This committee will be responsible for the review and implementation of Chateauguay Valley Regional High School’s Action Plan. The committee will be comprised of at least one member of administration along with representation from teachers and support staff. This committee will also oversee the formation of a student subcommittee. The student subcommittee must have representation from each grade level as well as from any school groups /clubs that may have a vested interest.

2019 President's dinner with speakers

Josée Querry et Terrance Kasikar

On October 25th 2019, Region 15 Montérégie held its annual President's dinner at the Casa Grecque Restaurant in Brossard QC. For the occasion we had two guess-speakers, Ms Josée Querry and Mr. Terrance Kosikar who were very appreciated by the 86 members and guests in attendance which turned out to be a record participation for our region. Ms Geneviève Arguin from "La Vigile" and Sofia Benyahia, founder of "Meetual" also introducted the attendees to their respective organisation. All in all a great success for our region.

Josée Querry is now retired at the age of 47 after being struck down by post-traumatic stress disorder. She had a successful career and a promising future with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She now devotes her time to lecturing and blogging A Girl's Story and PTSD on Facebook. Her mission: to reach as many first responders as possible in order to prevent them from experiencing this nightmare, to educate them before it is too late.

I learned that courage

is not the absence of fear,

But the ability to overcome it"

Nelson Mandela

Camp My Way


Camp My Way is located completely off the grid in the backcountry Mountains of British Columbia Canada.
Our outdoor adventure based program teaches Campers how survive off grid, and respect our land that Mother Nature has provided all of us to enjoy and appreciate our gift of life today.
Our self sustainablity, combined with outdoor Adventure is aimed to help our Emergency Service Providers who struggle with an OSI ( Operational Stress Injury ) PTSD get their lives back … Naturally

La Vigile

Our programs

LA VIGILE offers diversified professional services in two (2) components: the addiction and respite program (anxiety, depressive symptoms, symptoms of post-traumatic stress, management of emotions and self-esteem).

The programs are based on educational workshops through the biopsychosocial approach and healthy lifestyles. One-on-one meetings with helping relationship professionals are available depending on the specific needs of the client.

These two (2) programs are complemented by physical conditioning, relaxation and nutrition workshops. Thus, all our customers have access to a fitness room and a balanced diet.


Accredited and Professional Online Psychologists and Psychotherapists

Mental health is serious business. This is why all our psychologists and psychotherapists are members of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec and rigorously selected.

Whatever your situation, Meetual has the right online therapist for you. Use our search tool to find a mental health professional suited to your needs.